3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: 3 days in Seville

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain, Part 6: 3 days in Seville

Here we come to the next part of my trip: 3 days in Seville city break. I was really looking forward to visiting the city, especially after seeing the fantastic pictures of the famous Plaza de Espana. This square overshadowed all other tourist attractions of Seville, well, before I actually went there. Don’t get me wrong, the Plaza de Espana is a magnificent place, but there are other places that are much more beautiful (in my opinion).

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain, Part 6: 3 days in Seville | Plaza de Espana
The famous Plaza de Espana in Seville

3 days in Seville city break

I came to Seville in the middle of the week and left on Saturday. There were many tourists around – I still remember that long line to the Cathedral, so I can only guess how crowded it was during the weekend.

Below is the information you will need for your Seville city break. My opinion is that 3 days are enough to see the main tourist attractions of Seville and even more: I could have managed to visit more places if I woke up earlier 🙂 But if you have just 1 day for Seville, it is doable as well.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links, meaning that I will get a small commission (it won’t cost you anything!) if you click and book tours or accommodation.

If you have doubts about visiting Seville, check this guide for some travel inspiration!

How to get to Seville from Ronda

I could not find any ALSA buses going between Ronda and Seville, so I had to take Los Amarillos. I bought my ticket online a day before, but everyone else got their tickets on site. I did not want to risk being left without a ticket, but apparently, these tourists were not as worried about it as I was 🙂 And everybody got tickets 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, the bus station of Ronda is very simple: there are no fancy electronic displays with arrival and departure times, no information desk, the ticket office is not open all the time. I knew when my bus was supposed to depart, but I did not know its arrival time, so I just kept going back and forth between the platforms to make sure that I did not miss it.

I would like to add that the bus I took made quite a lot of stops on the way, but it arrived to Seville about 20 minutes earlier than in the timetable. Keep in mind, that there are several bus stations in Seville, and Los Amarillos go to Prado San Sebastián.

How to move around Seville

There is a bus system in Seville, as it is quite a big city, but I never used the local transportation. I stayed in the center, so the main sights were relatively close. I checked once how to get to Basilica Macarena from Casa de Salinas, and, according to Google Maps, it was quicker on foot. I got the same result when I checked the buses from the Cathedral to the Plaza de Espana: the tram T1 goes there, but getting there on foot takes the same amount of time. That’s what I did and never bothered again about buses.

In case you still want to use the local transportation, here are some useful links:
Google Maps – this is where I check first when I look for the ways to get from one place to another
Transportation in Seville – general info on the transportation
Red Transporte in Seville – info on tickets and fares
Tussam – the official website of Sevillian local transportation

A ticket costs 1,40 EUR, but, honestly, I would prefer to walk: how else would you see the amazing buildings on the way?

If you are interested in the alternative means of transportation, there are horse carriages departing from the Plaza del Triunfo at the Cathedral. A tour lasts about 45-60 minutes and costs 45 EUR. The main points of interests covered in the tour are the Cathedral, Torre de Oro, Palacio de San Telmo, Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de Espana and Murillo Gardens.

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Where to stay in Seville

Accommodation in Seville is expensive. I checked hotels and hostels, but couldn’t find anything suitable and affordable, so I had to turn to Airbnb (click here for a discount on your first booking with AirBnB). I ended up booking a room in a more or less traditional Sevillian home for a reasonable price for Seville. The host rented out another room as well, so there was a family staying there. At first, I thought that there were too many people in the house but I saw only once that couple and twice the host himself. Basically, I had the whole house to myself 🙂 And it was the place where I finally washed my clothes: after having spent 10 days in Spain, I definitely needed it 🙂

In addition, Casa de Salinas was around the corner, the cathedral and the Real Alcazar were very close, like 500 meters from the place, so I can’t complain 🙂 It was a perfect place for 3 days in Seville.

Of course, if Airbnb does not appeal to you, you can always turn to booking.com – my preferred website for searching for accommodation. Here is a selection of highly rated hotels and hostels right in the center of Seville:

For You Hostel offers dormitories with bunk beds for 20-30 EUR per night and double and family rooms for 140 EUR per night.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel offers dormitories with bunk beds for 30-35 EUR per night.

Apartamento junto Giralda is an apartment perfect for 3 people and it is very close to the main cathedral of Giralda. Prices start with 70 EUR per night for the whole apartment.

NineSuits is another apartment in the center of Seville: the prices start with 70 EUR per night.

Hotel Alminar is a 3-star hotel in the center of Seville with single and double rooms for 110-155 EUR per night.

Hotel Gravina 51 is a 4-star hotel with exquisitely designed rooms. They have king suites and superior suites, with some rooms having access to the terrace. Of course, it comes at a price: the range is 120-300 EUR per night depending on the room type.


Where to eat in Seville

I admit Seville is not the city where I indulged myself in the local cuisine. I just had breakfast in a place I do not remember the name of, and that’s it. Trying to tighten up my budget, I bought food in supermarkets. As I stayed in a room with kitchen facilities, I could finally save some money 🙂

But don’t worry, I am not absolutely useless when it comes to advice on places to eat 🙂 Not far from the place I stayed there is a restaurant Levies Café Bar (Calle San José, 15). The prices are lower there, and I saw many people sitting there, locals and tourists alike. I remember that I promised myself to come there, but I didn’t.

I was a bit short of money here, but I would have loved to join a tapas tour or even attend a cooking class. Maybe, you are luckier than I am 🙂

What to buy in Seville

Of course, Seville is full of souvenir shops selling the same stuff as in other Andalusian cities. What I paid attention to is that there are many small stores specializing in ceramics, and a couple of them are in Juderia to the left from the Real Alcazar (if you face it staying on the Plaza del Triunfo).

Also in these narrow streets, there is a shop Sabor a Espana selling artisanal turrones, all kinds thinkable: with nuts and without, of white chocolate and dark, and other fillings (the address is calle Susona 4). I bought a milk chocolate turron for 5 EUR and it was a really delicious one!

Even before I came to Spain, I knew that I would buy turron to bring home, but I thought that 5 EUR per piece is very expensive. I was sure I would find something cheaper and, for the record, I did not! In the end, I had to buy them in a shop in Madrid, they were more expensive, and while they were good, the ones from Seville were much better, so think about it 🙂

What to see and do in Seville: itinerary

I don’t know about you, but I went to Seville to see the famous Plaza de Espana 🙂 This square was my main point of interest, and Real Alcazar with the cathedral were definitely outshined. Well, while the square is an architectural masterpiece, my favorite place in Seville is the Palacio de las Duenas.

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain, Part 6: 3 days in Seville | Palacio de las Duenas
A small garden leading to the Palacio de las Duenas
3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain, Part 6: 3 days in Seville | Gardens of Real Alcazar of Seville
Gardens of Real Alcazar of Seville

As always, I wrote a separate post with a list of places to visit in Seville. And my itinerary is below:

1st day
Basílica de la Macarena Museum
Muralla de Sevilla
Monasterio de Santa Paula Museum
Palacio de las Dueñas
Las Setas De Sevilla
Palacio de Lebrija
Casa de Pilatos
Iglesia de San Ildefonso

2nd day
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Torre del Oro
Palacio de San Telmo
Plaza de España
Parque de María Luisa
Museo Arqueológico de Sevilla
Triana barrio

3rd day
Iglesia del Salvador
Plaza Nueva
Catedral de Sevilla: La Giralda, Puerta del Perdón y el Patio de los Naranjos
Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes
Plaza del Triunfo
Patio de Banderas
Juderia – Santa Cruz
Casa de Salinas

If you love flamenco, you can attend a flamenco show at the flamenco museum. Do you cycle? There are bike tours in Seville.

Just like I said, Seville is just one of the cities I visited in Spain, so if you are curious, I have a detailed, day by day itinerary for those 3 weeks I spent in Spain or Andalusia tour only.

Additional info

Weather. I stayed 3 days in Seville in October 25-27, and, again, the weather was perfect, around 28-30 degrees. It was sunny every day and, luckily, it was not hot. There were lots of tourists, but much less than in high season. I can totally recommend October as a month to visit Seville.

Supermarkets. The supermarkets and grocery stores are scarce in the tourist area. A big one Supermercados Mas is not far from the church of San Salvador in Cuesta del Rosario, 4. Spar Express is not far from the Plaza Nueva in calle Zaragoza, 31. A Carrefour Express in calle Feria 1 is close to the Palacio de las Duenas.

Pharmacies. There is a 24 hours pharmacy Farmacia Colombia in calle Colombia 10. In calle Amador de los Ríos, 31 there is another 24/7 pharmacy Amador de los Rios. Farmacia Pancho in calle Luis Montoto, 85 is open 24 hours as well.

English. English was quite widely spoken, many people at the tourist attraction could easily interact with tourists. Again, I would not expect the staff in supermarkets to speak English.

Opening hours. You can check the opening hours of touristic sights on specific websites. When it comes to restaurants, some of them open in the morning and serve breakfast options only, and kitchens start working after 12:00-12:30 PM.

Budget breakdown

Here are my expenses during the 3 days in Seville:

Bus from Ronda to Seville – 13,61 EUR
Airbnb room (4 nights) – 117 EUR
Food (restaurants, supermarket, occasional snacks) – 28,50 EUR
Entrance fees to touristic sights – 83 EUR


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