The best place to stay in Rome at the Vatican: Ottaviano Guest House

The best place to stay in Rome: Ottaviano Guest house

Looking for a place to stay in Rome? I have a recommendation!

I had a hard time looking for a place to stay in Rome. My problem is always my budget and, as I prefer to stay in the city center, I have to compromise: either opt for a hostel or get a cheap hotel with not-the-brightest reviews that offer private rooms with shared bathrooms. Luckily, I came across Ottaviano Guest House which combines excellent location, affordable price and every room has a private bathroom.

I booked it for a week in December and paid 43 EUR per night. I have to say that it’s nothing for Rome as the eternal city is extremely expensive. I travelled to Rome off season and I thought that during the high season the cost per room per person at Ottaviano Guest House would be more than 100 EUR, but, for example for May it is less than 70 EUR per night and it was even cheaper for some summer dates. For everything the hotel offers it is a good price.

Ottaviano Guest House: the best place to stay in Rome and the Vatican

Their rooms come in two colours: blue and red. I hoped I would get a blue one as I like this colour more, but I ended up with a red one 🙂

The room at Ottaviano Guest House
The room at Ottaviano Guest House

Amenities offered by the guest house

So, what does the hotel offer?

– just like I said, private bathrooms! This was very important for me, as I am tired of hostels where I have to share a bathroom with another 5-6 people.

– a spacious room with a huge bed, wardrobe, a table and a small TV. And what is very important, a fast Wi-Fi connection.

The wardrobe and table at Ottaviano Guest House

– there is a small electric kettle in the room, two cups, tea spoons and knives. They provide some tea and coffee bags, but once used they are not refilled. I solved the issue by going to Carrefour, a supermarket around the corner. And, apparently, there is also a fridge in the lower level of the wardrobe but silly me didn’t even guess to check 🙂

The kettle and cups at Ottaviano Guest House

breakfast. For someone who likes to sleep till late their breakfast offer didn’t appeal to me: it was served in a different place until 9:30. It wasn’t included in the price of the room and was something between 3-4 EUR per person per day. As I didn’t have the breakfast myself, there is nothing I can say about it.

Well, and, as in any other place they have their set of rules. You can read them below. Make sure you don’t break or lose anything 🙂

House rules of Ottaviano Guest House

Please keep in mind that it isn’t a hotel per se, it is a floor in a building converted into a guest house with 6 rooms so their reception doesn’t work 24/7 and they will charge you for late arrival. Still, the staff is very nice and friendly.

What I liked and what I didn’t like

What I liked:

the location! It is just perfect: really close to the Vatican and Ottaviano metro station on the red line which links to the blue one via Termini station. And it means it was easy to get to all the famous landmarks of Rome. I like to walk, and the Janiculum Hill offering the best views of Rome is within walking distance from the guest house. As well as Piazza di Popolo and Villa Borghese that are 2 kilometers away.

Wi-Fi connection. It wasn’t my first trip to Italy so I expected a lousy Internet connection, but I was wrong. The Wi-Fi worked really well, I could browse websites, watch videos and I didn’t have any problems with the connection.

– a huge bed and a private bathroom. I think that I was just lucky to get a room with private bathroom for this price.

The huge bed at Ottaviano Guest House

affordability. Despite its location and amenities, the price is more than pleasant. There are hostels in Rome that offer bunk beds for 25-30 EUR during the high season.

cleanliness. The room was cleaned every day by a nice lady who speaks English.

quietness. Despite the central location it wasn’t noisy in the hotel, which I am eternally grateful for as I had a very unpleasant stay in Madrid when I didn’t get any sleep for 4 nights.

the elevator 🙂 I know, I know 🙂 I first saw an elevator like this one in a film with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti Madly in Love (Innamorato pazzo). It was filmed in 1981 and I didn’t know that they were still in use. The elevator is small, but sturdy, and is behind a metal grill that look like armour. I don’t know how else to describe it 🙂 The hotel is on the second floor so you will use it from time to time.

The elevator at Ottaviano Guest House
The elevator at Ottaviano Guest House

plenty of restaurants nearby. There are plenty of restaurants and small cafes and sandwich cafes nearby. I strongly recommend La Soffitta Renovatio for pasta, Pinsa mpo for pizza or pinsas (as they are called in Rome), Lattuga for vegan sandwiches and Parenti for desserts (their tiramisu is yummy!).

a Carrefour supermarket around the corner. If you want to save money on food and Italian goods to bring home, check the supermarket. They have fresh salads and sandwiches every day, and you can buy here torrone and olive oil paying less than in tourist shops.

What I didn’t like:

the check-out time. Well, I prefer to sleep till late in the morning so I don’t like if I have to get up before 10 AM when I am on a vacation. As the check-out is before 10 AM, I had to. I would have preferred it to be 11 AM, but it is not for me to decide. Anyway, they let you store your bags for a couple of hours.

– lack of natural light. Well, this isn’t something I didn’t like because I simply didn’t care, but, maybe, someone would like to know. There are wooden shutters outside the windows and they don’t let much light in.

Frankly, not so much to dislike 🙂

How to get to the hotel from Fiumicino

The hotel is located in Prati district close to the Vatican on the second floor of a palazzo (they call it palazzo, not a house or a building 🙂 ). It is between Dal Toscano Restaurant and Castroni shop with Italian goods: trust me, you won’t miss it.

Castroni shop in Rome
Do you see that arched open door? This is the entrance to Ottaviano Guest House

I flew to Fiumicino so after a bit of research I decided to take the Leonardo Express to Termini station and then red metro line to Ottaviano. It was going to be expensive, 31 EUR both ways. It was a lot so I kept on searching. Luckily I found a bus company Sitbus that made a stop in Prati behind Castel Sant’Angelo. I booked the tickets immediately as it was really close to the hotel from the bus stop and it cost me 11 EUR both ways. I saved 20 EUR just by taking the bus! I have some more info about the bus here.

FYI: it takes about 40-45 minutes for the bus to get to the Vatican but it depends on the traffic, of course. It was almost non-existent when I took the rides.

If you are searching for a place to stay in Rome, look no further as Ottaviano Guest House is just perfect. You should know that I am not paid to promote the hotel, I paid for it myself, I truly liked it and I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you click the links in this post and book something I will get a small commission but it won’t cost you anything.


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