Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Period. I still remember how astonished I was when I finally got to walk Charles Bridge and see the famous buildings with spires and red roofs. Naturally, the spires and roofs are better to see from above, so I tried to go to as many viewpoints as possible. So here is my list of the best viewpoints in Prague: some of them are free, others require an entrance ticket.

Nevertheless, the views are gorgeous from everywhere! And even if you don’t take pictures of everything (like I do, and that’s why I love viewpoints), these places are perfect for enjoying Prague.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links, meaning that I will get a small commission (it won’t cost you anything!) if you click and book tours or accommodation.

Of course, my list is limited to the places I have visited or intended to visit, so, in case you know any other places, I would be happy if you share them in comments.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague for free


If you want the best views of Prague for free, Vysehrad is the perfect place! This old fortress served as a royal residence once, but was abandoned in favour of Prague Castle. As it was used occasionally only, it gradually fell into decay, but some parts are still present. While you need to pay to see those parts, the walls of Vysehrad are free to walk. And the views from the walls are gorgeous!

View from Vysehrad in Prague
View of Prague from Vysehrad

As Vysehrad is quite far from the city center, you can see not only its historical part, but other parts of Prague. Actually, the other Prague will be right before your eyes.

And, as these are fortress walls, you can get a 360° view of Prague.

How to get: take tram 18 or 17 from Karlovy Lazne stop at Charles Bridge. I took tram 18 as it stops closer to Vysehrad.

Letna Park

Frankly, this is the best free viewpoint in Prague after Vysehrad. Yes, you can’t see the whole city from here, but Letna Park offers a different perspective. From here you can see the rows of bridges over the Vltava River. And it is a stunning sight, trust me! Just choose your timing wisely: wait till the weather is nice or you will get some dark pictures like I did, because it rained.

View from Letna Park in Prague
View of Prague from Letna Park

How to get: if you look at the map, it seems that it is quite far. Trust me, that’s not entirely true. Take Pařížská Street from the Old Town Square and it will lead you right to the park.

St Francis of Assisi Church

You will not miss this church! While I did not go inside, I took the first pictures of Prague here. I was particularly amazed by the statue of Charles IV which definitely stands out there, and did not see immediately the views of Prague Castle and the bridge.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from St Francis of Assisi Church

So, when you are at the church, leave the statue to your right and move towards the river. But you will see the deck anyway 🙂

Karlovy Lazne tram station

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Karlovy Lazne tram station

Karlovy Lazne tram station is meters away from Charles Bridge. But there is a reason why I mention it separately. This station is the perfect place to take pictures of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge together. Naturally, the view is spectacular!


Prague Castle

When travellers want to see the city from above, they expect to see Prague Castle among other buildings. But the view from the castle of the city below is truly stunning. When you climb up to the castle (yes, it’s on a hill, though not very high), you will see below rows of buildings with red roofs. Yes, that’s the Prague I knew from pictures 🙂

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Prague Castle

Hergetova Cihelna/Náplavka

Have you seen the pictures of swans with Charles Bridge in the background? I bet you have 🙂 And these pictures are taken at Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant (this was the landmark I used). You may find this place on Google Maps as Náplavka observation deck as well.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Hergetova Cihelna

Bring some food for swans and wait for a perfect shot.

Interestingly, though, before I came to Prague I saw pictures with dozens of swans, but when I was there, there were 3 swans only. I don’t know what it depends on.

Bridges and the Vltava River

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Charles Bridge
View from Charles Bridge

Naturally, some of the best viewpoints are from the bridges and the waterfront of Vltava River. Charles Bridge offers the best views of Prague Castle, but you can try other bridges to get a different angle. For example, Legions’ Bridge (most Legii) over Strelecky Island, or Jiráskův Bridge at the famous Dancing House, or the Railway Bridge (Železniční most) not far from Vysehrad. Just walk along the Vltava River and choose the bridge you like 🙂

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Charles Bridge
Another view from Charles Bridge

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is one of my favorite places in Prague, but not because of the views. There are hundreds of roses and peonies on the top of the hill, and it was a true surprise when I exited the funicular.

Now, about the views. One can’t really see Prague from the top, unless you climb the tower, so I decided to go down on foot, and on the way down there are places to see Prague from above. From some openings between the trees and when I was at the first stop of the funicular I could see Prague Castle, and on a path there was a clear view of Vysehrad and the area nearby. But don’t expect the hill to be a panoramic deck.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Petrin Hill

How to get to Petrin Hill: the easiest way is to take the tram to Újezd station, and from there take the funicular – a train – up the hill. The funicular is close to the tram stop, check Google Maps for its exact location. It goes straight to Petrin Hill stopping at Nebozizek (don’t get off there if you want to go to the top of the hill).

There are many trams stopping at Újezd station, so getting there should not be a problem. And what is really cool is that you can use your tram ticket on the funicular as well: just make sure that it is valid. There are tickets that are valid 30 and 90 minutes. I bought the one for 90 minutes just to be on the safe side.

Alternatively, if you are fit, you can go to the top on foot. I dismissed this possibility as I knew I would do some walking on the top. And, trust me, there are many things to do there.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague for some money

Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is on the top of Petrin Hill I have already mentioned. Now, take the height of the hill and add 64 meters of the tower, and you can pretty much get the idea of the view from above. Like, from here you can see entire Prague as it offers 360° view of the city. Again, make sure that the weather is nice.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower looks a bit like Eiffel Tower in Paris 🙂

Entrance fee: tickets cost 150 CZK, but if you don’t want to climb its steps up to the lookout, you will have to pay additionally another 60 CZK to use the elevator. I paid for the elevator, and took the stairs to go down as I could see Prague without crowds. And on my way I met panting people 🙂 FYI: I think there are about 300 steps to get up. More info is here.

Lobkowicz Palace

Lobkowicz Palace is a part of Prague Castle, but tickets here have to be purchased separately right at the palace, as it is a private property. The Lobkowicz family has collected dozens of paintings, weapons, armoury, musical instruments, porcelain, etc, over the years and now they are exhibited in the palace. While I am not really into art or arms, I went there for the views.

There is a terrace in the palace facing Mala Strana and the Vltava River, so you will not see Prague Castle from here. Instead, it offers fantastic views over Prague, with red roofs and rows of bridges. So, it’s not only Letna Park for photographing bridges 🙂

View of Prague from Lobkowicz Palace
Prague from Lobkowicz Palace

In addition, the outdoor terrace of their cafe offers panoramic views as well.

Entrance fee: tickets cost 295 CZK. More info is here.

Charles Bridge Towers

There are two towers on Charles Bridge, and I still regret that I have not climbed both of them. I opted for the higher tower as it offers better views, and I was not disappointed. Namely here, on this tower, I understood why Prague is called the city of a hundred spires. For as I far as I could see there were spires everywhere.

View from Charles Bridge Tower

And it was fun to see the bridge itself so close from above, look at the crowds and think: “Good that I am not there now” 🙂

Entrance fee is 100 CZK for each tower. More info is here.

Klementinum Tower

Well, Klementinum is famous for its library, and I went there to see it. A climb to the tower was just a nice bonus.

Frankly, the entrance fee is quite expensive, but the views from above… I would pay for them again 🙂 This is another place to see the spires of Prague, Prague Castle, and the Cathedral of Our Mother before Tyn on the Old Town Square was clearly visible from here.

Where to find the best viewpoints in Prague | View from Klementinum Tower

Klementinum Tower offers 360° views of Prague as well.

Entrance fee: tickets cost 300 CZK and include a visit to the library, some other halls and the tower. More info is here.

Now, I have not visited the places I mention below, but I can imagine the view 🙂 I would appreciate if you share your experience in comments.

St Vitus Cathedral Tower

I bet St Vitus Cathedral is the most notable building in Prague 🙂 Its towers have become a truly iconic landmark of the city. While I went inside (after paying 350 CZK for a combined ticket), I did not climb its tower, which required an additional ticket. I was not ready to pay for it as I knew I would go to other viewpoints in Prague. But what really made me say ‘no’ was the fact that there are almost 290 steps to climb 🙂 And no elevator.

What I missed is the views of the castle complex from above and I would have loved to see it. And the view of Prague, of course 🙂

Entrance fee: tickets cost 150 CZK, and, as far as I can see, it is not included in any combined tickets. More info is here. Visitors can climb the south tower of the cathedral.

Astronomical Clock Tower

Well, considering that the Astronomical Clock is one of the most important sights in the city, you will inevitably come to the square. When I was in Prague, it was under maintenance, and I was so disappointed by this fact, that decided not to climb the tower. Don’t ask me about the logic behind this decision, I have no explanation 🙂

Still, the view from above must be spectacular! I am not sure whether you can see Prague Castle from here, but you will definitely see the other part of Prague, not visible from other viewpoints.

Entrance fee: it is my understanding that tickets cost 250 CZK, but they include entrance to the Old Town Hall’s underground, historical halls and the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. More info is here.

Žižkov Television Tower

I have heard quite often that Žižkov Television Tower is ugly. As I did not visit it, I can’t really judge: I saw it from afar only, but in pictures it looks nice 🙂 Well, in our case we are not here to appreciate its architectural beauty 🙂

What we are interested in is the views of Prague from the tower. And I bet they are spectacular, considering that the lookout is at the height of 93 meters.

Entrance fee: 250 CZK, with discounts for some categories of visitors. More info is here.

The Dancing House

Well, you must have heard about this remarkable building 🙂 Called officially Building Nationale Nederlanden, it is also known as Ginger and Fred. I planned my route so that I can see this landmark of Prague, and I was not disappointed: the house is really cool!

Dancing House in Prague, CzechRepublic

I put it here because there is a rooftop bar that offers views of Prague. As I haven’t been there, I don’t know much, but I have heard that you have to buy something at the bar to get access to the lookout. You can check their drink menu here.

How to get there: take tram 17 from Karlovy Lazne stop at Charles Bridge.

Well, that’s it, that’s my list of the best viewpoints in Prague. I hope it is enough to keep you busy and awestruck when you are in this amazing city 🙂


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