7-day itinerary for St Petersburg, Russia, for first timers

Coming up with an itinerary… I have a love-hate relationship with this process. On the one hand, it is exciting to google tourist attractions in a new place, look at the pictures, read about these places and decide whether to visit them or not. But after that comes the next part of the process: researching opening times, days off, prices, location, etc. This part is the actual planning and, while it’s not difficult, it is definitely time-consuming.

I have visited St Petersburg in Russia a couple of times and seen all the major (and not only) attractions. The itinerary I made includes every place a first timer to the city has to see to understand the grandeur of St Petersburg and its suburbs.

What is included

I included to this itinerary the most popular places in St Petersburg and its suburbs: palaces, museums, churches, ships, parks… In the very beginning I give some information about the city itself and short description of every place in the itinerary for you to understand why I think it is important to visit them.

Travel tips for St. Petersburg, Russia

I split them into 7 days, and each day contains an hour-by-hour itinerary with a list of places to see, their opening times, days off, cost, useful links to official websites and online booking sites, restaurant recommendations, maps with routes, and some of my tips and observations. As I don’t know your interests, you are free to tweak the itinerary, change the order of places, skip some and add others.

7-day itinerary for St Petersburg, Russia

Even if you don’t plan to spend 7 days in St Petersburg, it will still come handy as you can tweak it the way you want. You won’t need to do additional research as I have already done it. Just be careful with days off when making your own itinerary. In fact, I would personally choose days 1, 2 and 5 of the itinerary, if I had only 3 days in St Petersburg.

NB: when you buy the bundle, you will get two files. The pdf file contains all the information I mention above, and the excel file has the itinerary only. Why the Excel file? It is much easier to cut and paste in Excel in case you decide to tweak the itinerary.

Why should you buy it?

Now you might be thinking: “Why should I buy it? I can find all this info online, and it is free to access.”

Yes, you are absolutely right, you can find this information online. Then why should you buy it?

The answer is because you value your time. Have you ever created an itinerary? Coming up with one can take hours. There is a good reason why many people prefer to book trips through travel agencies: they take care of everything. And, while I can’t book your tickets, I am offering you an itinerary to ease your planning efforts and save your time and nerves.

And, in addition, I am a Russian speaker, which means I can read information in both languages, and, usually, information in Russian has more details.

NB! Some instructions on how to pay for the itineraries. Select the itinerary and then go to Cart in the main menu. After you enter the necessary information, you will be re-directed to PayPal page. When you pay, don’t leave the payment page, but click on Return to merchant. You will be sent back to the website, where you will be able to download the file. Any questions or issues, please, drop me an email.

7-day itinerary for St Petersburg, Russia