Help with travel planning

When you travel somewhere for the first time, planning is frustrating. You know nothing about the place, and you hunt for information on Google, and even after hours of research you still have questions. And you think: ‘It would have been nice to have a person who knows a lot about the place and who can answer my questions!’. I am that person! 🙂

I have travelled to some places – like Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia and Istanbul in Turkey – more than once. In fact, I have visited Moscow and Istanbul more than 6 times 🙂 I have spent a couple of weeks around Baikal Lake exploring as much as possible from Irkutsk.

I am from Moldova, and I have been living in Chisinau, its capital, for 16 years, and, trust me, I know a thing or two about the place 🙂

So, if you need help with organising a trip to these places – Moscow, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Baikal Lake and Chisinau – just drop me a message and we will talk about it. In addition to answering your questions, I can help you with coming up with an itinerary as well! And, what is very important, I am a native Russian speaker, so, if I don’t know something, I can always call them and ask 🙂

Travel guide to Baikal Lake, Russia

NB: please keep in mind I don’t help with visas. I am not an expert in this area, so calling the embassy of the respective country is a good idea.

My consultation fee is 15 EUR per hour, paid via Paypal. In case you need my help, please contact me here and I would appreciate if you could send me your questions in advance: I will still need to look something up 🙂

See you soon! 🙂