Hi everyone!

Before I introduce myself, I want to tell that I declare my eternal love for all the places I have ever visited, and that I would go there again without hesitation! Now, that I have said it, let me tell you some things about me.

Irma Naan is just an anagram of my name Marianna, which is kind of long, so you are free to call me either Irma or Marianna 🙂 I am not a full-time traveller (for the moment), I have a regular job, so you may guess what I do during my vacations 🙂

This is me!
This is me!

So, some personal info about me. I was born here:

Soviet Union map

Now I live here:

Moldova on the map

Do you see that small red dot in the bottom left corner? Yes, that’s where I live now, in tiny Moldova. It was once part of the Soviet Union, but now we are independent, and have recently got visa-free entrance to Europe, so in this blog I am going to share my travels and my tips on what to see, where to eat and stay, mainly in Europe, and how to make those things affordable. I will create full guides of places I visited more than once, so that you can find everything you need to plan your vacation in one place: here, on the pages of my blog.

I love walking, and I think it is the only way to actually see and experience a new place. How can you explore the area or turn to that narrow street or walk in that fancy shop if you are in a bus? Of course, I research means of public transportation, so I can take a bus when I am really tired. I am going to share here my ideas on how to do the cities on foot, so I guess I can grant myself the title of the Master of Walking Tours 🙂 But, please, don’t forget a very important truth: travelling isn’t about walking and seeing, it is about sitting down, contemplating, and absorbing.

Keeping this in mind, I made itineraries of the cities I visited available on this website. If it is not sufficient, feel free to contact me and I will get you a plan corresponding to all your needs 🙂

Some facts about me:
– I am a real lazybones, but work hard when I have to.
– I love sleeping till late and hate waking up early.
– I am a good listener, and an even better talker.
– I am a fan of the Scorpions! We were born to fly 🙂

But what I really am passionate about are ancient history, science fiction, studying languages, and travelling. I guess this is where I take my love for writing from, so I would be happy to help you with filling up your website with quality content. And translation, I can help you with this one as well: Russian – English – Russian. In addition to that, I teach English online.

Part of my bookshelf
Part of my bookshelf

I just want to note that I advertise my products only in this website like the ones I make at Zazzle. In case you buy anything, it will help me greatly keep this blog going. An exception is booking.com and Airbnb: if you book anything clicking the link in my blog, I will get a small commission, but in no case will it cost anything extra to you!

If you have any questions, or need some advice, feel free to drop me an email or use the contact page.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Carmela says:

    Okay, my other question:
    Where (especially in Barcelona but anywhere in Spain) can I find second-hand flamenco clothing and accessories? I’m looking for flamenco dresses & mantones.
    Would the Boquería be a good place?

    Have you been to Sevilla? I used to live there., & will visit it soon.

    • Marianna says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this one. What I would advise you to do is to join a Facebook group called Women who travel, there are hundreds of members in this group, and someone of them will definitely know the answer 🙂
      As for Seville, yes, I have been there, and wrote a couple of posts about it 🙂

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