Cozy and relaxing restaurants in Chisinau, Moldova

Atmospheric restaurants in Chisinau, Moldova

Let’s talk here about Chisinau restaurants. After having spent almost half of my life in this city I think I know a thing or two about them 😊

Need help with planning a trip to Chisinau? I am here to help!

We in Chisinau do not have any world-renowned landmarks that attract people from afar, but what I can tell you for sure is that we take food pretty seriously. And if there is anything in abundance in Chisinau, it is restaurants. As there are many of them, I decided to come up with a list with a specific emphasis: here are the coziest and most relaxing Chisinau restaurants. Well, in my opinion, of course 😊

How do I define cozy? A place is cozy for me when they have nice music, interesting and stylish décor, comfortable and soft seating, good service, no excessive noise… in general, any detail that makes you feel at home, a place where you want to stay for longer.

What you should know as well is that I can wholeheartedly recommend these restaurants for food as well, not only the atmosphere. I went to every one of these places personally, so this list is based on my judgement only.

1. Crème de la crème

Creme de la creme interior

Food at Creme de la creme

Cuisine: European, Italian, French

If you need a bit of a French charm, you will find it in Crème de la crème. This restaurant with stylish interior, comfortable seating and attention to details is right in the city center not far from the Cathedral of Nativity on the only pedestrian street in Chisinau. Just look at the chandeliers and the box with the bill.

When it comes to the food, it is delicious! Make sure to try their desserts: they are yummy!

2. Beef Meat and Wine

Beef and wine interior

Wine ice-cream at Beef and wine

Cuisine: European, steakhouse

For a delicious steak paired with wine choose Beef. Meat & Wine Restaurant. The restaurant is not in the center, it is in one of the best parts of Chisinau: in Moscova Boulevard in Riscani.

They have a wide selection of dishes to satisfy all palates. While their food is truly yummy, I like the atmosphere of the place itself. There is a cloakroom at the entrance, guests are guided to tables, fantastic music playing in the background. Comfortable chairs, shelves with wine bottles… this place is quite refined 😊

3. Café de Italia

Cafe de Italia interior

Cafe de Italia vegetarian pizza

Cuisine: European, Italian

I like Café de Italia for their armchairs and huge windows. And the fireplace, interior, plants, décor, and the glass ceiling. Frankly, it might be the only place in Chisinau where you immerse in the atmosphere of total comfort and relaxation. I guess the fact that it is a kind of open space, especially in summer, certainly makes this restaurant even more welcoming. And they have nice music 😊

And I like the food, of course. Their pizza is yummy, just like the meat and desserts. And, luckily, it is in the city center.

4. Vasabi

Vasabi interior

Udon noodles at Vasabi

Cuisine: Asian, Japanese

Just like the name suggests, Vasabi is the place for sushi, sashimi and all similar things. I don’t like sushi, (strange, ha? 😊 ) so, I come here for noodles and curry. But we are talking about cosiness here, not food only.

They have a couple of locations in Chisinau, but I like the one in Riscani. The place here is a true delight: comfortable seating, nice music and aquariums with fish. I think this detail gives it a special charm. And if you get a window table you will be able to see the busy street below as it is on the second floor of the building.

5. Karl Schmidt

Karl Schmidt interior

Karl Schmidt food

Cuisine: European

Named after the renowned city mayor Karl Schmidt who literally shaped Chisinau, this restaurant is right in the city center behind the Cathedral of Nativity on the pedestrian street I mention above. It is small and cozy, with comfortable seating, a bit of darkness, fireplace, heavy drapes… a right place for aristocrats. And just look at these small elements in the décor!

When it comes to food: make sure to order their steaks. I had veal steak and it just melts in the mouth!

6. Pegas Restaurant

Pegas Restaurant

Cuisine: European

I think in Chisinau Pegas is considered somewhat of a high-end restaurant. The prices are higher here than in the other places I mention in this list, and their offer includes mussels and octopus which is not a usual thing. Nevertheless, the food is yummy, they have the usual menu items like meat, fish and soups. Their deserts, on the other hand, cost nearly the same as in the other restaurants.

The only disadvantage is the location: it is on Albisoara Street, which is still the city center, but it takes some time and effort to get there by public transport.

7. Pushkin 1820

Pushkin 1820 interior

Pushkin 1820 food

Cuisine: Russian

Pushkin 1820 is a more or less new addition to Chisinau’s culinary scene. The interior is stylish with cosy armchairs, shelves with books and fancy decorations.

Alexander Pushkin is a famous Russian poet, so it is natural that, basing on the name, they serve Russian food in the restaurant. They have a wide selection of meat, fish, salads and vegetables. Everything we ordered was super tasty, and we will definitely go there again. I can wholeheartedly recommend you to try their sweet blinis: the portion is huge and is really yummy!

Still, there is something that makes this restaurant a bit out of my list. When we were there, they turned on loud music and lights and it was impossible to hear what people around said. It started after 8 PM, but I am not sure if they do it every day.

Well, that’s not all: more Chisinau restaurants will follow 🙂


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