Where to stay in Istanbul: the best areas and hotel recommendations

My opinion on where to stay in Istanbul: based on my personal experience. I went to Istanbul more times that I can remember, but the majority of those trips were business ones. But because of this specific fact I didn’t have to stay exactly in the historical center of the city: instead we booked apartments around Istanbul. So here I Read More

Info from a local: first timer’s guide to Moldova

First timer’s travel guide to Moldova from a local. Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe, and, frankly, we can’t boast about a huge number of tourists coming here. We don’t have huge palaces and castles, or museums of international significance, but we have something else: nice and cosy places in nature, old monasteries and fortresses, soviet architecture, all Read More

The most beautiful manors and royal residences in Moscow, Russia

The most beautiful manors and royal residences in Moscow, Russia Moscow had been the capital of Russia for a couple of centuries before St Petersburg got this status in 1712. Naturally, many noble families moved there and built new homes. Still, Moscow wasn’t forgotten and, in addition to some existing palaces, the czars and aristocrats kept building palaces and manors Read More

Everything about Listvyanka, a village on Baikal Lake, Russia

When I was doing my research for the upcoming trip to Baikal, I would always come across Listvyanka. Almost everyone mentioned it (I am a native Russian speaker, so I searched for the info in Russian), so I decided it was worth going there. And I was right 🙂 Listvyanka is a small village on the shores of Baikal, right Read More