Buuz, sagudai and other local food around Baikal

My guide to the local food around Baikal Lake The history of Russia led to the amalgamation of different cuisines of local peoples of this vast country and the European one. The Soviet times brought new dishes or simplified the refined food of the Russian empire. For example, the famous olivier salad, which nowadays has simple ingredients, contained caviar, crayfish Read More

What to do in Irkutsk, Russia: 30+ things to do in Irkutsk

A full guide on what to do in Irkutsk, Russia, the gateway to Baikal Lake. In Moldova, the country I am from, it is generally considered that only Moscow and St Petersburg are worth any attention among the Russian cities. Many people here believe that outside these two cities every other place is underdeveloped, with awful roads, no infrastructure and Read More

The best things to do in Olkhon Island, Russia: 20+ places to see in Olkhon

My guide to the best places to visit and things to do in Olkhon Island, Russia Olkhon Island is a gem in Baikal Lake region of Russia’s Siberia. This island, where less than 2,000 people live permanently, has stunning landscapes ranging from dense forests to rocky and steep shores. It is equally spectacular in summer and winter, with winter having Read More

Olkhon Island, Russia: a full travel guide to the gem of Baikal Lake

My guide to Olkhon Island, one of the most beautiful places in the world! Siberia, one of Russia’s most vast regions, has many natural wonders, and Baikal Lake is one of them. The surroundings of the lake are rich in landscapes, including mountains, taiga, steppes, a volcanic depression, spectacular bays. While I wanted to visit all of them, Olkhon Island Read More

Around Baikal Lake: Taltsy Museum on a day trip from Irkutsk

When I was planning my trip to Baikal Lake in Russia’s Siberia, I decided immediately that I would use Irkutsk as my base. It meant that I wanted to see as many places around the city as I could. After checking I saw a place called Taltsy Museum, about 50 kilometers away from Irkutsk on the Angara River. I researched Read More

Around Baikal Lake: visiting Tazheran Steppe on a day trip from Irkutsk

Tazheran Steppe… so far, the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I came across this place by pure accident: I was looking for things to do around Baikal Lake and saw a picture of a fantastic place: autumnal hills alternating with valleys, lit by the fading sun. After a bit of digging I found out that this place is Read More