The list of my (favorite) cool things to do in London

Cool things to do in London, UK

I travelled to London more than a couple of times, but all my visits were business trips. Naturally, I have limited time to see the city, so I try to combine the usual tourist things with something more exciting. I have not visited all interesting places in London, but still I have about a dozen places that really impressed me and I would love to see them once more. They are different, starting with parks and ending with church ruins, but I can wholeheartedly recommend them. So, here is my list of cool things to do in London. Well, at least they are cool in my opinion 🙂

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Cool things to do in London

The London Dungeon

A place where visitors are told and shown by actors the most frightening things that have ever happened in London.

Cool things to do in London | 
The London Dungeon
Entering the London Dungeon

This is one of the coolest things to do in London! I visited the city a couple of times, and every time I passed by the London Dungeon, I told myself that I should definitely visit it one day. It looked mysterious and I just couldn’t miss it 🙂 And when I finally went there, it exceeded my expectations! First of all, as announced, it was really scary 🙂 This walk through the most frightening pages of London’s history is something to remember! It is dark everywhere, with creepy sounds and thunder, with rats squeaking, with really talented actors disappearing in the darkness and suddenly appearing right in front of you. You are totally immersed in this dangerous and unknown world.

My favorite parts of the show are the fake trial and Sweeney Todd experience. The first one is funny, but the other one was the scariest! At least, to me 🙂

By the way, this place can be so scary that the organizers don’t allow heavily pregnant women and little children visiting it. At least, it was true when I was there last year.

The London Eye

A wheel with the panoramic view of London

Cool things to do in London | View of London from London Eye
View of London from London Eye

It may be trite but I like it. I did not climb the Shard or visit the SkyGarden, so I can’t compare the views. I suppose they are equally good, but the London Eye is not just a viewpoint, it is an experience. After all, you get to ride the wheel in comfortable cabins offering almost 360° view of London. From here one can clearly see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, bridges and many other buildings.

Somehow I have never got any luck with the weather. My first visit to London happened during a rainy week, so, when one morning I woke up and saw that it was sunny, I immediately went to the London Eye. It was still sunny when I got there, but I had to wait more than an hour in line. When, finally, I was out of the ticket office, the sky was already covered in clouds. And it started raining when I was in the cabin! My second time was no better, so I stopped trying to get there in nice weather 🙂

By the way, after you buy your ticket head to their 4D cinema where they show the history of the London Eye and really gorgeous views of London.

Kew Gardens

Gardens with gorgeous flowers and lush greenery

Cool things to do in London | Treetop walk in Kew Gardens
Treetop walk in Kew Gardens

I like parks and gardens, and I am of an opinion that the more green areas are in a city, the more appealing that city is. After all, in polluted cities parks are the only places where people can breathe freely.

Kew Gardens are far from the city center, about half an hour by tube from Big Ben, but totally worth the effort. I love its rose garden, the pond, the flower arrangements, the peacock that kept turning its back to me, the treetop walk even if there was nothing spectacular to look at, even the strange beehive whose meaning I do not get 🙂

And I had the best desert in London here, in the Botanical Restaurant in Kew Gardens. The chocolate cake was yummy-yummy!

Cool things to do in London | The yummy dessert in Kew Gardens
The yummy dessert in Kew Gardens

As I have never had any luck with the weather in London, it was cloudy and windy when I visited Kew Gardens. I hope the next time I will be luckier 🙂

St James’s Park

A park next to Buckingham Palace with almost tame pigeons

St James's Park | London for free: places to visit and things to do
St James’s Park

This is my favorite park in London! It is a small park with a big pond where different fowl found their home. One of the best places to be when the temperatures are high in London 🙂

But I like it particularly for its pigeons. They are not afraid of people and fly really close or sit and wait to be caressed. You don’t even need to have food for them, they will come close anyway.

Kissing pigeons | 1 Day in London Walking Itinerary
Kissing Pigeons in the St James’s Park

The British Museum

Cool things to do in London | In the British Museum
I am fascinated by the history of the Ancient Egypt, so when I visit a place where there is a museum covering it, I always go there. I visited the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, which is far from being a popular tourist attraction, and there were only 5 people there. Basically, I had the whole museum to myself. This is not the case of the British Museum.

While for many people visiting museums is not exciting (I am one of them, if it is an arts museum 🙂 ), I think the British Museum is one of the cool things to do in London. The museum is very popular and boasts a huge collection of ancient artefacts. Actually, its first floor – my favorite floor 🙂 – is entirely dedicated to the Ancient history and includes giant sarcophagi and statues from Egypt, giant Assyrian bulls, statues from China, India, Americas, a moai from Easter Island. And, of course, the famous Rosetta Stone, which is a kind of the British Museum’s Mona Lisa as it is always clung by people.

The Ancient Egyptian wooden and colored sarcophagi are on the other floor, including the artefacts from Ancient Rome and Greece.

In the museum you can see a wonderful library with old astronomical instruments, objects from the Soviet Union, and so much more! I visited the museum a couple of times, and I will definitely go there again.

St Dunstan in the East Church

The ruins of a church built in the 11th century

Cool things to do in London | St Dunstan in the East
This place will definitely surprise you: ruins of an old church is not something one expects to see right in the center of London. The church is located not far from the Tower of London a bit away from the main road. There are not any tourists here, mostly locals and photographers. Frankly, it is a spectacular place for a photo shoot.

The church was built 9 centuries ago, but was damaged during the great fire of 1666. It was rebuilt and renovated a couple of times just to be destroyed during the World War II.

Now there is a picturesque garden in the ruins with plants enlacing its walls and empty windows. Honestly, when the light is right, it may seem that you are in a fairy tale.

It is a quiet place with lush greenery and benches where you can rest after a long walk in the noisy and bustling streets of London.


A bookshop on Piccadilly

As I have already told, I love reading, especially science fiction. So, when I was in London I could not miss the opportunity of buying the books by Sheckley and Azimov. Sadly, no books by Sheckley were on sale: apparently, he is very popular.

Waterstones is one of the most famous bookshops in London and it is right in the city center not far from Piccadilly Circus. I fell in love with this bookshop! It is huge and cosy, with many shelves of books of all possible genres, comfortable chairs and access to the Internet.

I went to this bookshop a couple of times during my visits to London and I never left empty-handed 🙂


A lovely area with a market, parks and museums

Cool things to do in London | Naval College and Canary Wharf from the Greenwich Park
Naval College and Canary Wharf from the Greenwich Park

Greenwich is known to everybody for its meridian 🙂 But there are many interesting places in the area.

My favorite place is Peter Harrison Planetarium: you can see the oldest object on the Earth here. This meteorite is several billions years old!

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If you think I am posting a picture of a simple rock, think again 😀 This is a meteorite at the Greenwich planetarium in London, and it is about 4.5 billion years old! And visitors are allowed to touch it 😀 I touched the oldest object on the Earth 😊 LINK IN THE BIO – Если вы думаете, что это простой камень, вы сильно ошибаетесь 😀 Этому метеориту, выставленному в гринвичском планетарии в Лондоне, 4,5 миллиарда лет!Посетителям разрешается трогать его, так что я дотронулась до самого старого предмета на Земле! 😊 . . #greenwich #london #uk #лондон #ilovelondon #londonlife #великобритания #unitedkingdom #путешествие #travel #trip #instatravel #instatraveling #instatrip #traveler #traveller #traveling #travelling #traveladdict #travelpics #travelphoto #travelphotography #igtravel #globetrotter #tourism #tourist #travelgram #travelingram #irmanaanworld

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The park is huge with amazing views of Canary Wharf and the Old Royal Naval College. Kids will definitely love the National Maritime Museum.

I did not have much time to spend here, so I will come back to see Cutty Sark, the meridian (as I did not have time for it!), the deer park and the Fan Museum with its afternoon tea parties.

The Thames embankment

Cool things to do in London | The Thames embankment
The Thames embankment is very crowded at the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, but the crowds become less when you go away. I went to the Tower from the Big Ben on foot, and it was a long but nice walk. I crossed the Millenium Bridge to see St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower Bridge to see the Tower. I passed by the HMS Belfast ship and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. London is a very big city but it deserves to be admired on foot 🙂

Aren’t these places cool? 🙂 I would love to read about your favorite places in London, so please comment!

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