3 weeks of solo travel in Spain

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain, Part 1: the cities and budget

I have just come back from my 3 weeks of solo travel in Spain, and while it was a very interesting experience with its ups and downs, I came to realize that solo travel is not my thing. I enjoyed it mainly because I was free to do anything I wanted and go to any place I wanted, and there Read More

Full travel guide to St Petersburg, Russia

A Full Travel Guide to St Petersburg

I am pretty sure, no other city in Russia gets as many tourists as Saint Petersburg. Just think of its lavish and luxurious palaces, incredibly decorated churches, museums rich in exhibits (the Hermitage has several millions!), the famous politeness of its residents, and spectacular suburb residences and parks that surpass the French ones, and you will understand why tourists choose Read More

Why you should visit Moscow

Why to Travel to Moscow

I know that when it comes to choosing between Moscow and St Petersburg, people usually prefer the latter. But there are many things to see and do in Moscow, including palaces, parks, churches, museums, magnificent architecture, and the underground. If you are still asking yourself why you should travel to Moscow, have a look at this short video: I hope Read More

Perfect day in Moscow main

How to spend a perfect day in Moscow, Russia

When it comes to choosing between Moscow and St Petersburg, lots of people prefer the latter. Of course, magnificent architecture and interesting history make St Petersburg more attractive, but Moscow has its own charm and its share of historical buildings that don’t cease to amaze. And it has the Red Square and Kremlin 🙂 So, if you chose St Petersburg Read More