A Weekend in Amsterdam: Places to See and Skip

So, Amsterdam: the city of freedom, marijuana coffee shops and love in the Red Lights District. I did not know much about it, I heard only about Vondelpark, its famous district and Keukenhof. After doing our diligent research on top things to do in the city, me and my friend decided to give it a try and spend a weekend Read More

3 Best 1-Day Trips from St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg has always been a magical, must-see place in our family. I heard stories about it from my grandma and father (who lived in the glorious times of the Soviet Union): they spoke of the city with great affection. My parents and I were born in the USSR, and Leningrad (St. Petersburg’s name during the Soviet time) was probably Read More

7 Places to See on Your First Time in St. Petersburg

Impressive, immense, magnificent… These words are no exaggeration when one thinks about St. Petersburg, the Russian capital of culture, the Venice of the North, the city of canals… I think I could continue like this forever 🙂 First time in St. Petersburg? Lucky you, you have the opportunity to discover this unbelievably beautiful city! I have been to St. Petersburg Read More

20+ Places to See in Istanbul

Moldova and Turkey are separated by the Black Sea and a bit of Ukraine, so it is quite understandable that it is on our radar. In my country Turkey is very popular for its Mediterranean resorts, and Istanbul is frequently overlooked, but not by me 🙂 I have visited lots of cities, but Istanbul will always be my favorite. I Read More