3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: 3 Days in Salamanca + the Budget

Here we come to the next part of my journey: 3 days in Salamanca. Salamanca is not as popular as the Andalusian cities, and I included it to my list because I considered its university for the lessons of Spanish. I had been looking for a place where I could study Spanish, and Salamanca university courses seemed to be perfect. Read More

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: 3 days in Seville

Here we come to the next part of my trip: 3 days in Seville. I was really looking forward to visiting the city, especially after seeing the fantastic pictures of the famous Plaza de Espana. This square overshadowed all other tourist attractions of Seville, well, before I actually went there. Don’t get me wrong, the Plaza de Espana is a Read More

How and where to buy tickets for the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

The famous Alhambra with its reddish walls definitely dominates the landscape of Granada. Actually, it is the reason I went to Granada in the first place. I have always been interested and fascinated by history, so I could not miss this opportunity. Well, the main problem I encountered planning my visit to the palace complex was the tickets, so here Read More

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: a Long List of Places to See in Granada

Mighty walls guarding the city, palaces with stunning decoration, magnificent gardens giving shade in hot days, noisy merchants selling silk and gold, people crowding in the streets… this is what Granada used to be. Today’s Granada in Spain still retains some of its former splendor that can be seen in the Alhambra and discerned in the old bridges of the Read More

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: 2 days in Malaga

I love-love-love Malaga! While for many people it might not come as a surprise, because Malaga is exceptionally beautiful, it was a pleasant discovery for me. You see, Malaga had never been on my radar. When I was planning my 3 weeks of solo travel in Spain, I knew that I wanted to visit Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Sevilla, Salamanca and Read More