A 2-weeks DIY tour: Andalusia itinerary by bus

Many years ago I was watching the famous movie The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, when I heard Elena saying that she rode the horse at night across Andalusia. I did not know anything about this place, but I was sure it was stunning, and I promised myself that I would tour Andalusia one day. It Read More

How and where to buy tickets for the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

The famous Alhambra with its reddish walls definitely dominates the landscape of Granada. Actually, it is the reason I went to Granada in the first place. I have always been interested and fascinated by history, so I could not miss this opportunity. Well, the main problem I encountered planning my visit to the palace complex was the tickets, so here Read More

Solo Travel in Spain: a Long List of Places to See in Granada

Mighty walls guarding the city, palaces with stunning decoration, magnificent gardens giving shade in hot days, noisy merchants selling silk and gold, people crowding in the streets… this is what Granada used to be. Today’s Granada in Spain still retains some of its former splendor that can be seen in the Alhambra and discerned in the old bridges of the Read More

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: 3 days in Granada

After 3 days in Cordoba, I left for Granada, another famous Andalusian town. It is better known than Cordoba due to the majestic Alhambra that overshadows other tourist attractions. I planned to spend 3 days in Granada. Just like in the case of Cordoba, I managed to see almost everything, and I definitely covered the top places to see in Read More

Detailed 3 weeks in Spain itinerary including Madrid and Andalusia

I went to Spain last October and spent exactly 3 weeks there. Of course, I did not stay in one city only but traveled the country extensively. I have previously been to Barcelona, so this time I decided to explore other parts of Spain. My 3 weeks in Spain itinerary includes a visit to Madrid, roaming through Andalusia and a Read More

3 Weeks of Solo Travel in Spain: the cities and budget

I have just come back from my 3 weeks of solo travel in Spain, and while it was a very interesting experience with its ups and downs, I came to realize that solo travel is not my thing. I enjoyed it mainly because I was free to do anything I wanted and go to any place I wanted, and there Read More